The Atlantic, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0PL

Welcome To

The Atlantic,
Isles of Scilly

Opening Times

Monday 11AM — 11PM
Tuesday 11AM — 11PM
Wednesday 11AM — 11PM
Thursday 11AM — 11PM
Friday 11AM — 11PM
Saturday 11AM — 11PM
Sunday 11AM — 11PM


MONDAY Sorry — we are currently not serving food on Mondays.
TUESDAY Sorry — we are currently not serving food on Tuesdays.
WEDNESDAY 12noon — 2.30pm & 5pm — 8.30pm
THURSDAY 12noon — 2.30pm & 5pm — 8.30pm
FRIDAY 12noon — 2.30pm & 5pm — 8.30pm
SATURDAY 12noon — 2.30pm & 5pm — 8.30pm
SUNDAY 12noon — 2.30pm & 5pm — 8.30pm
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